Charley Charles

Simple Gauze Pacifier Clip


Simple Gauze Pacifier Clip

LENGTH:::: 8" pacifier clip. Not too long, not too short. Just right.

(clips vary slightly is size but will be roughly 8" Keep in mind they are handmade and each is one of a kind) 

COLOR:::: See menu for available colors

USE:::: Can be used with any pacifier with a handle. Snap loops around handle. MAM Pacifiers can be used with purchase of the MAM adapter. We don't sell the adapter, but many shops on Etsy do. You can also find them on Amazon.

You will love these because they aren't as chunky and invasive as the clips found in stores. Clips on to clothing or car seat with metal alligator style clip that looks like a sleek silver circle. (Pacifier not included with purchase)

CARE::::EASY TO WASH! Hand wash with a mild soap. I do not recommend washing and drying in a machine as it can damage metal clip. Hand dry clip immediately after washing as prolonged submersion can lead to rust. Do not use if clip has rusted.

OTHER INFO:::::If you have a MAM pacifier (no handle), you can purchase an adapter for the bulb of your pacifier clip

SAFETY:::::: NEVER EVER leave your baby alone or unsupervised while using baby accessories, including this clip. NOT intended for use while sleeping.