Charley Charles

Fawn Blanket 6 Layer -Tan Pom Trim


This is a wonderful soft, fluffy baby blanket! The fawn color is lovely for boys or girls. Looks great with all decor.

:::SIZE::: See drop down menu for available sizes. MEASURE to see if the size you choose is appropriate for your needs. The TINY is 20"X25" this is a very small blanket, too small to wrap a baby, better for a lovey. 24"X42"(Skinny Long) is a LONG SLIM RECTANGLE, most people use this size folded in half in a carseat or stroller. This is not always big enough to wrap up a baby. CRIB 44"X54" (Pictured) this is the MOST POPULAR BABY BLANKET SIZE! This is a good size to wrap a baby, big enough to use as a cuddle blanket for toddlers, or on toddler beds. Not intended for use in a crib. BLANKETS WILL SHRINK SOME WITH WASHING.

:::COLOR::: Fawn is a dark tan color that is nice and neutral. Color in photos can vary in person. We do our best to get photos in nice bright natural light, but monitor/phone settings can display colors differently.

:::FABRIC::: 6 layers of 100% cotton gauze muslin (See photos for thickness) This is a looser weave than our 2 layer gauze products. It has a looser weave so that it gets the large fluffy waffle like texture after washing. This type of fabric can snag if you are not paying attention, so keep it way from velcro and zippers.

:::USE::: This is a lovely blanket that is great for everyday use. Cotton fabric is breathable, so it keeps your baby warm when necessary, and cool when need be. The perfect blanket. Great for sweaty sleepers, and also wonderful for layering when it is cold.

:::QUALITY::: Fabric is heirloom quality layered muslin gauze. It will last a long long time with proper care!

:::CARE::: I recommend washing alone for the first several washes as over crowding or washing with linty fabrics can lead to pilling. Wash in COLD water with mild detergent. Tumble dry LOW HEAT to get that wonderful puffy cloud like look. DO NOT OVER DRY! Drying on hot heat can warp the cotton fibers and make them more rough. Will get fluffier after washing as the fibers contract to get that waffle look.

:::Returns::: Buyer is responsible for any cost associated with returning a product. Product must be in original condition when we get it back.

You are going to LOVE this blanket! I personally sleep with one every night....does that make me an adult with a blanky? Yes, but its totally worth it, haha!