Charley Charles

Cloth Napkin 12X12 Square


This listing is for ONE NAPKIN

This the perfect addition to any table. It will automatically class up any occasion, and help save the planet while you are at it. Who wouldn't want to look classy and save the planet? Cloth napkins are so easy and look great on display when not in use.

:::SIZE::: These square napkins are roughly 12X12 but can crinkle smaller after washing. This type of gauze is specifically made to get that fluffy crinkle texture after washing (psssst...Pro tip: texture hides stains!)

:::FABRIC:::: each napkin is hand crafted out of 2 layers of double layered 100% cotton gauze. These will wash and use well for a long,....LONG time!

:::COLOR::: See menu and colors chart for available colors

:::CARE::: Best washed in cool wanter with mild detergent. Preferable washed alone, or with NON linty fabrics as cotton is prone to attracting pills if not washed properly. Tumble dry on LOW heat. Do NOT over dry as it may cause fabric to become less soft.