Charley Charles

MUSLIN THROW Blanket Blanket


This is a wonderfully cozy 6 layer soft cotton gauze baby blanket!

:::SIZE::: 54"X91" Does shrink and stretch with wash and use. This is the nature of gauze fabric. Fits folded at the end of the bed (photo is a QUEEN bed)

:::COLOR::: See drop down menu for available colors

:::FABRIC::: 6 layers of 100% cotton gauze muslin (see photos for close up of gauze)

:::USE::: This is a lovely large blanket that is great for everyday use. Cotton fabric is breathable, so it keeps you warm when necessary, and cool when need be. The perfect blanket. Great for sweaty sleepers, and also wonderful for layering when it is cold. Perfect for a throw or accent blanket at the foot of the bed! Will fit on a twin bed, but won't have much overhang. Large enough for an adult to sleep with.

:::QUALITY::: Fabric is heirloom quality layered muslin gauze. It will last a long long time with proper care!

:::CARE::: Wash alone or with non linty fabrics as pilling can occur when washing with linty fabrics. COLD water with mild detergent. Tumble dry LOW HEAT to get that wonderful puffy cloud like look. If the blanket you get is flat (sometimes they are ironed before shipping), it will get fluffier after washing as the fibers contract to get that waffle look. DO NOT OVER DRY!

You are going to LOVE this blanket!