Charley Charles

8 Layer Cotton Gauze Blanket


This is the perfect fluffy, snuggly addition to any nursery. Sure to be your babies favorite, can't live with out, must have, blanket. This will be "THE" blanket.

:::SIZE::: This blanket measures a generous 40"X50" inches. Size is approximate and may vary slightly as each is lovingly hand crafted just for your baby.

:::FABRIC::: 8 layers of cotton gauze. 6 layers of large waffle gauze, and 2 layers of small waffle gauze.

:::COLOR::: See menu for available color combos

:::Style::: Reversible cotton quilt. Sort of rustic in style, but super cozy. It has a wonderful relaxed quality with plenty of texture.

:::USE::: You will love to have this blanket everywhere you go. Makes a great carseat or stroller blanket. Perfect to spread on the floor for play and tummy time as it is so soft and like a cushion.

:::CARE::: Machine wash cold water preferable alone. Tumble Dry low heat. Item has been pre-washed in fragrance free non toxic detergent. Make sure lint traps are empty as cotton can pill if lint traps are not clear. Never wash with anything that can snag the loose weave of the gauze.

PLEASE WASH ALONE FOR A FEW WASHES. COLD WATER. TUMBLE DRY ALONE, blanket can attract lint and get pills if you are not careful.

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