Charley Charles

2 Tone Pacifier Blanket


This pacifier holder is perfect for keeping track of those pesky pacifiers that seem to get lost so easily! Problem solved! Avoid the dreaded "drop and bounce". This blanket helps the pacifier be easily found. These are also great for snuggling with, and rubbing while sucking a pacifier. You can also wrap the fabric around a pacifier to keep it clean and sanitary inside of a diaper bag. 

::::STYLE:::: Loop on the corner of the blanket

::::FABRIC:::: This lovey is made of signature Charley Charles cotton gauze. Soft and crinkly. This is made of TWO layers of double layer gauze. Thin and breathable. Easy to hold. Nice and compact.

::::TRIM::: Trim is not available on this blanket

::::COLOR:::: See drop down menu for available color combinations. PACIFIER NOT INCLUDED! 

::::SIZE:::: 8"X8" OR 14"X14" Size is approximate. See photos for size comparison. Photo of baby is size 14X14

::::USE:::: Snap at the end of the blanket easily slips through the loop on the end of the pacifier and snaps securely to hold pacifier in place. Very easy to use! Not able to be used with a "soothie" brand pacifier, but I have found a few other brands with the same nipple, that also have a handle for pacifier clips and blankets (Jollypop, Evenflow Balance....among others). Colored pacifiers in the photo are "Bibs" brand pacifiers. Also great for loop around a toy to keep track of it and add some extra textural interest. Babies love texture! Pull snap apart with fingers, don't tug the fabric as it puts tension on the snap.

::::CARE:::: Wash in cool water with mild detergent. Tumble dry LOW head, or hang to dry. Washes great! Use a cool iron if you find it is too scrunched up after washing.
Gauze fabric by nature will wrinkle up and get that bubble look. If you want a flatter fabric you will need to iron after washing, or hang to dry.


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